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I just wanted to welcome all the new members and to encourage you all to post here with anything regarding Cassie or Dean.

Here is a link I came across last week that I found interesting; tell me what you all think. It's from last years Rising Con I believe.

New Fics

Broken is the newest fic at fanfiction

Have a Nice Life,
which was inspired by another fan fic that is here on Live Journal called BAd Habits.

Also there is By His Side a newer fan fic where Cassie is a hunter

Don't forget the Cassie/Dean forum

What the Heart Wants

that is the forum name and link.......there are a couple of new fics there but you need to join to get into the password protected areas.

A Different Time and Place

Title: A Different Time and Place
Category: Supernatural/Romance/Family
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Dean, Sam, Jack (Sam's twin sister), Bobby, Cassie, Mentions of John and Mary, but that's it.
Summary: Dean's a teacher, Cassie's his student, need I say more. come on in and have some fun with this story. This is completely AU. Just in case that didn't get your curiousidy going. Dean, Sam, and Jack move to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where Dean starts teaching Automtive, Cassie's his stundent. They both are hiding things, but evenutally everything comes out in the open.

The Link is under the cutCollapse )

Cassie/Dean shippers

We have hope still as the series continues. Often I run into people who like Cassie Robinson or feel they misunderstood her when the first saw the episode. It's weird for us Cassie supporters to even recall that she like Missouri was in one episode. They are an integral part of our Supernatural thoughts and fictions.

Let's keep hope alive.

Check out the Cassie/Dean forum when you have a chance also.


Welcome all new members

Just a reminder about our New Cassie and Dean forum

Please stop by and join up for great fan fics, links, supernatural talk all in a forum atmosphere. And feel free to post here at the community.

I would also love to know how are members are finding us in the small corner of the world. Feel free to post a reply here in this topic.

Welcome to our newest member

Welcome to TVManiac, glad to have you. Feel free to post. Everyone else also :)

Just an update

I know it has been a while since I updated this community but I did update the Winchester Chronicles, recently. You can find it at the Supernatural Haven You can see it here

Just a reminder: Winchester Chronicles is my Second Cassie/Dean series.


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